Expert Residential Arborists in Paterson, NJ

Expert Residential Arborists in Paterson, NJ

When they are healthy and well-pruned, big trees can add aesthetic value to your property. But in certain situations, they can pose significant safety hazards. If a nearby tree is dead or diseased and a wind storm hits, then your home could be at risk of serious damage. Anytime that a big tree poses a threat, an experienced arborist should be summoned to handle it. Here's a look at six services provided by a reputable residential arborist in Paterson, NJ.

Tree Removal in Paterson, NJ

In residential neighborhoods, big trees tend to grow in close proximity to multiple homes. When close-quarters tree removal is needed, only an expert should do the pinpoint work of bringing the tree down safely.

Tree Trimming & Thinning

To keep birg trees from growing up against structures or power lines, they need to be periodically trimmed. In some situations, a professional trimming will also help to improve a view property's value.

Tree Cabling

For old trees that are still in generally good health, tree cabling can provide much-needed support.

Tree Pruning

By removing material that is dead, diseased, or damaged, your trees will be kept in good health and attractive form.

24/7 Emergency Arborist in Paterson, NJ

No matter the hour that a wind storm brings down a big limb on your property, an experienced arborist will promptly be on their way to provide assistance.

Stump Grinding

To clear out a lot so a new home can be built, an arborist will efficiently remove all stumps from the property.

If you need a residential arborist, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For a residential arborist in Wharton, Livingston, and Paterson, NJ, contact the experts at Woodpecker Tree Service at (973) 607-2549. Feel free to give Woodpecker Tree Service a call today to request a free tree removal estimate in Paterson, NJ!

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Posted: July 31, 2020

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