4 Popular Ornamental Trees in New Jersey

4 Popular Ornamental Trees in New Jersey

4 Popular Ornamental Trees in New JerseyTo make your yard look lush and beautiful, it's worth planting ornamental trees. But you'll want to make sure you select trees that fit well with your property. Before deciding which type of tree to purchase, you should consider what the tree needs for sun exposure, soil type, and watering. It's also very important to factor in the tree's mature size so that it doesn't end up growing into power lines or up against your home. Here's a look at four popular options for ornamental trees in New Jersey.

Sweetbay Magnolia

If you're attracted to the idea of growing a tree that produces sweetly-scented flowers, then it's worth considering a sweetbay magnolia for your yard. It grows to about twenty feet tall and can grow in part shade, but should get at least four hours of direct sun per day.

Trident Maple

Although it's native to East Asia, the trident maple grows well in New Jersey's climate. Before the trident maple's leaves fall off in autumn, they turn a blazing, show-stopping red that will light up your yard. And when the leaves come back in the spring, they create a dense canopy that is great for providing shade when hot summer days arrive. Trident maples like full sun to part shade, along with well-drained soil.

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern red cedars are native to our region, so there's a good chance you have the right growing conditions without having to make any amendments. It'll grow to 50 feet, and perhaps taller. As an evergreen tree, it provides lush color during the months when other trees are bare.


This ancient tree dates back over a quarter-billion years, with individual specimens potentially living for thousands of years. In the fall, ginkgo leaves turn a brilliantly bright yellow and then fall to the ground almost in unison. Ginkgos are best planted in full sun where they're protected from strong wind gusts.

Arborist in Paterson, NJ

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Posted: January 2022

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