Simple Tips for Cleaning a Chainsaw

Simple Tips for Cleaning a Chainsaw

Simple Tips for Cleaning a ChainsawIf you have a big tree on your property that is threatening your home, then you'll want to call in a professional arborist to take it down. After the tree is brought down, the arborist can haul it away. Or, if you need wood for your home or fire pit, you might be interested in cutting it up for storage. If so, you'll want to make sure your chainsaw is cleaned up and ready for heavy use---both before and after you start cutting. Here's a look at useful tips for keeping your chainsaw clean.

Clean the Spark Plug

A gunked-up plug can prevent your saw from functioning as it should. When carbon builds up on a spark plug, you can clean it off with a brush. Or, if the build-up is really bad, it could be worthwhile to just replace the plug.

Clean the Chain

Use the knob to loosen the chain and then remove it. In an area with plenty of ventilation, spend twenty minutes soaking the chain in a gallon of water with one cup of ammonia. Remove the chain, scrub it, and then make sure to completely dry it before lubricating it.

Clean the Carburetor

Like with the chain, you can use the same solution and same amount of time to soak the diaphragm, needle valves, and cover plate. Next, use a brush to scrub the parts and make sure you thoroughly dry them before reassembling.

Clean the Bar

Clean out all grime and debris from the bar, as well as the bar groove. A shop rag will do the trick, though compressed air can be helpful too.

Clean/Replace Air Filter

An extremely dirty air filter should just be replaced. But if yours looks salvageable, you'll want to clean it gently with soap and water.

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