Top Qualities of a Tree Services Company

Top Qualities of a Tree Services Company

Top Qualities of a Tree Services CompanyThere are many reasons you may need to reach out to an arborist, especially in New Jersey, an area full of many different types of trees and other plant life. Regardless of the situation in which you require the skills of a tree services professional, whether you need help removing a tree, tree trimming or need to clear a lot, it is important that you select a company that is going to get the job done properly and quickly. When searching for a tree services company be sure they possess the following qualifications.

Certified Arborist

It is necessary that you work with a certified arborist, as this means they understand the best methods of plant and tree care and removal.

Insured, Licensed & Bonded

One of the most important things about hiring an arborist is ensuring that they are fully insured. Some jobs conducted by arborists can be extremely dangerous so it is important that they are covered in case of an accident, otherwise you may be held liable for any injuries sustained on your property. Proper licensing and certification is also important because it lets you know they are registered with the state and held to legal regulations.


When searching for an arborist be sure you find a company that can offer at least a decade of experience. As with any profession, the more experience that can be offered the better the job will be completed, and often at a much quicker pace than a rookie.

Personalized Service

Hiring a family owned and operated company will ensure your situation is taken care of in the most professional manner possible while still maintaining a personal feel to your service. A local company will be sure to keep you informed about the whole process, regardless of the type of service you’re receiving.

24/7 Service

When a company offers 24/7 service you know they take their business serious. An arborist that is available 24 hours a days means that you can rely on them to help with emergency services in regard to dangerous tree situations, such as leaning trees, broken branches or even toppled trees.

Tree removal or trimming should always be completed by a professional arborist in order to ensure that it is completely safely and under legal guidelines. If you need tree services in Wharton, Dover or the surrounding New Jersey communities reach out to Woodpecker Tree Service. As certified arborists we are able to provide a host of tree services, including trimming and removal. Give us a call at (973) 607-2549 to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate for tree services in New Jersey.

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