Top Reasons to Get Your Trees Pruned

Top Reasons to Get Your Trees Pruned

With professional pruning, your trees will have a more attractive form, while also remaining in better health. Different trees have different pruning needs, so it's always best to entrust the work to an experienced arborist. Here are six benefits of pruning your trees.

Visual Appeal

To make your landscaping as beautiful as possible, trees should be shaped attractively. Proper pruning will eliminate criss-crossing branches, which are unattractive. It's also important to remove crossing branches because they are prone to rubbing against each other, causing ruptures in the bark that could make the tree more susceptible to disease.

Remove Dead & Damaged Limbs

Because dead/damaged limbs are more likely to come crashing down during a windstorm, they should be identified and removed. An arborist will remove all limbs that pose a major risk to your home.

Identify Diseases/Pests

When an experienced arborist prunes your trees, there'll be an opportunity for trained eyes to notice any diseases or pests. Then, a course of action can be determined based on the severity of the problem.

Better View

If you have a big tree that is blocking a view, you may be able to have it pruned in a way that keeps it healthy while improving your ability to see into the distance. If you're planning on putting your home on the market, creating better views will help you get the most money.

New Tree Health

It's a good idea to start pruning trees when they are still small, which will help them grow into an attractive shape when they reach their mature size.

More Sunlight

Big trees can be beautiful landscape features, but they can also shade out your lawn and garden beds. When you get big trees pruned, a lot more light will be able to reach areas below, which will be better for sun-loving flora.

If you need tree pruning, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable arborist. For an arborist in Wharton, Livingston, and Paterson, NJ, contact the experts at Woodpecker Tree Service at (973) 607-2549. Feel free to give Woodpecker Tree Service a call today to request a free quote!

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Posted: May 01, 2021

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