What Services Are Provided by a 24/7 Emergency Arborist?

What Services Are Provided by a 24/7 Emergency Arborist?

What Services Are Provided by a 24/7 Emergency Arborist? When a big tree poses an immediate threat to your home, you need professional help to arrive promptly, no matter the hour. During or after a serious wind storm, trees can be especially dangerous. Even if it doesn't appear that the whole tree is about to fall over, you could still be at risk of a huge limb breaking free and crashing down onto your home.

It's also worth keeping in mind that dead and badly diseased trees pose particular concerns during storms. If you suspect that you have dying big trees on your property, it'll be best to have them removed before the winds pick up. But if you don't get them removed before the storm hits and the tree appears like it is about to come down, you can call in a reputable arborist to eliminate the threat. Here's a look at four services provided by an experienced 24-hour arborist in Paterson, NJ.

Emergency Limb Removal

While people often worry about the whole tree coming down on their home, it's important to bear in mind that a single big limb can also do serious damage. If it appears that a heavy limb is about to break free of the trunk, you should quickly call in for an arborist's assistance.

Fallen Tree Removal in Paterson, NJ

Big trees that suddenly fall down can cause major damage and pose grave physical threats to anyone who is nearby. When a big tree falls down, you'll first want to make sure that no one has been injured. Then you'll want to call in an arborist who can safely remove the tree.

Close-Quarters Tree Removal

Big trees can be particularly troublesome when they're growing within very close proximity of a house or other building. In such a scenario, it's important that the tree is taken down by an arborist who has extensive experience with close-quarters tree removal.

Post-Storm Cleanup

Following a major storm, there could be heavy tree debris scattered across your property. A tree removal crew can quickly and efficiently clean up and dispose of this debris.

If you need emergency tree removal, be sure to get in touch with a reputable arborist. For 24/7 tree removal in Wharton, West Orange, Paterson, and Livingston, NJ, contact the experts at Woodpecker Tree Service at (973) 607-2549. Woodpecker Tree Service also offers tree cabling and tree pruning in Paterson, NJ. Feel free to give Woodpecker Tree Service a call today to request a free quote!

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Posted: September 30, 2020

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