Why Do I Need to Trim Trees?

Why Do I Need to Trim Trees?

Why Do I Need to Trim Trees?Trees are a necessity of life. They give us oxygen, provide shade and shelter from heat and rain, and they often beautify the landscape of the great outdoors, or the great backyard. In order to maintain trees on your property, big and small, they will likely need to have their branches trimmed from time to time. Trimming is done for a wide variety of reasons, but mainly to ensure proper health for the trees. It is important to contact a certified arborist to perform tree trimming, as it can not only be detrimental to the tree if done wrong, but it can also be very dangerous to the person doing it if any height is involved... Let's take a look at four reasons why tree trimming is necessary.

Tree Health

Removing dead, damaged and diseased branches helps to prevent insect infestation and decay of the tree trunk. Additionally, if particularly large branches are crossed they may rub against each other, which causes them to lose stability as the friction wears away at their structure, which can cause the branches to die and fall off. In cases such as that it is necessary to trim the branches back.

Stimulate Growth

Trimming branches is sparse areas can actually stimulate the growth of new branches, helping provide a fuller look. On top of that, pruning can also improve the root structure of the tree.

Restrict Growth

Trimming branches back is the best way to lessen the growth toward power lines, above a house, or other areas where growth is not desirable.

Safety Concerns

One of the most common reasons for tree trimming is to reduce safety hazards. This includes trimming low-hanging branches and cutting cracked or dead branches off of the tree to prevent them from falling to the ground without warning. This of course could cause major injury or death to anyone below.

To ensure proper tree health and human safety contact a professional arborist for effective tree trimming. For professional tree trimming in Wharton or the surrounding NJ communities reach out to Woodpecker Tree Service. Our team is skilled at caring for all species of trees. To learn more about our services or to request tree service in Wharton or the neighboring communities give us a call at (973) 607-2549 today.

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